I'm a creative at my core with a passion for tackling design challenges and delivering beautiful, usable products. I have over seven years of award winning design experience across various industries with a focus on brand, web, mobile, and UI/UX design. Keeping up with the latest in web and design trends, I bridge the gap between creativity and innovation, executing creative direction and design with the utmost attention to detail and knowledge of the craft. My android like attention to detail fuels my addiction like cravings for pixel perfection.

A techie at heart, I keep my finger on the pulse of the latest software, gadgets, and technology; frequenting tech, design, and startup blogs on a daily basis. There are probably more apps on my iPhone than I would like to admit as I'm constantly taking screenshots and gathering inspiration. Self-motivated, enthusiastic, innovative, challenge-seeker, and high energy are just some of the words that have been used to describe me by my peers. I'm a producer at my core, and would rather see well executed design than talk in circles about what could be. I'm a strong believer that one's design philosophy should be followed up by exceptional production. 

In 2006, I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg. Since then I've  worked with creative marketing firms providing creative lead for clients across various industries.

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